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Making every project value-focused.


How do you do that? Demonstrate growth through the delivery of creative services and operations by following the core principles of project management –  initiating and planning, budgeting and scheduling, and managing project risks and changes. The heartbeat driving our core competencies is curation. WE curate and build teams to get the job done, allowing innovation to steer the conversation in the process. 

In every aspect of the project lifecycle, the value mindset is emphasized and infused.

Training and Skills: The team focus is helping others. We promote learning and development for the team and others to broaden skill reach. 

Dealing with Challenges:  The team faces the unknown head-on. We lean on resilience and persistence to foster growth.

Making Efforts:  The team keeps achievement and improvement top of mind.  We found disseminating honest communications throughout the process helps.

Accepting Feedback:  The team has the willingness to improve while listening attentively.

Handling Failure: The team is open to learning and piloting releases in identifying the next steps

We believe in working outside the traditional domain of a designated role since not all projects are homogeneous.

With that said, along with project management, we offer production, resource planning, quality assurance and much more- just ask 🙂


Our philosophy is collaborative and inclusive.   Current projects are in e-learning, technology, animation and digital products.