At Philbirth we mobilize creation
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Our Mission

We launch ideas.


We take our concepts and bring them to the marketplace.


We believe promoting an idea from conception to a tangible product or experience is a journey worth taking.


How we Partner

Partnerships are a two-way street and we believe partnerships unleash a wealth of opportunities. The key lies in working together.


We seek partners that not only value themselves and others but champion their capabilities in the pursuit of innovation.



See what’s brewing in our incubator.

We’re attracted to projects that are unique in scope and complexity, allow for innovation and demand a broad range of competences for execution.

We plan to release MVP in 2021. We are seeking development and funding (angel investor, venture capital) for the project.  Need more info? 


We plan to release the first book in a series. Slated for 2021. We are seeking marketing, press and design contributors.  Want to know more?

Products in Marketplace


Sun Shine City

Eugena Harrington

Sun Shine City is an interactive book developed in a fun, wonderfully colorful style. With its clever word scramble and playful banter, you can take part in your baby’s delightful journey of forming words and sentences. Download today and give your baby a rewarding dose of sunshine while on the go.