Meet Eugena
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Eugena Harrington

Managing Director 

In the world of projects and productions, where uncertainty is the norm, there’s Eugena – a true enthusiast of the unpredictable. With every venture she embarks upon, whether it’s a project, production, or service, she finds her calling in aiding others, igniting inspiration, and being a steadfast advocate for her team.


A Passion for Empowerment

Eugena’s journey is fueled by her relentless desire to make a positive impact. Each endeavor she undertakes is a chance to empower and uplift others. Through her work, she is a driving force, nurturing a sense of purpose within her team and beyond.


A Versatile Background

Drawing from her rich background, Eugena’s expertise spans project management, production, and strategy across various industries. Her influence has left its mark in Media and Entertainment, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Nonprofits. Notable names like Floating Pear Productions, Celeritas Digital, AT&T, Showtime Networks, and Accenture adorn her client portfolio, a testament to her remarkable capabilities.

A Life Well-Lived

Beyond her career, Eugena finds joy in the pursuit of knowledge. She delves into the world of viniculture, relishing the intricate study of wine. Spontaneous travel excursions satiate her thirst for exploration, and pilates keeps her in tune with both mind and body.